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 coos bay officiantCoos Bay Weddings, Coos Bay Wedding Officiant, Coos Bay Wedding Services

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About:  Rev. Debra Mehringer - A Non Denominational Minister, & Ceremonialist:

Debra offers her wedding services to all couples, of all beliefs. She is insightful, compassionate, and a joyful Wedding Officiant. She naturally accepts people for who they are, and honors all couples beliefs. Debra is creative, flexible, inspirational, and brings this to each wedding she performs. Each couple's personal wishes are honored, and if they desire, are given the opportunity to create their own ceremony. Debra often includes special touches in her beautiful ceremonies, "Candle Lighting", "Sand Ceremony", or "Red Rose". Her ceremonies speak to all present in a common language showing both respect and consideration to people of all beliefs.

Debra has performed over 6000 weddings and each one is very special.

If you have the desire to be joined together, Debra is honored to perform your wedding ceremony.

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